By Heather Graham

MIRA| $26.99
Sept 19, 2017


Review by Tim Suddeth

Murders, ghosts, a lot of romance, and Poe, as in Edgar Allan, what more could a mystery reader ask for? Heather Graham hits the sweet spot with her latest, and the twenty-third installment in her Krewe of Hunters series, Wicked Deeds, (MIRA Books).  She has written over two hundred novels including suspense, historical romance, occult, and vampire fiction.

An elite group of FBI agents, the Krewe of Hunters is called in when a case includes the paranormal. With a setting like Baltimore and a restaurant with an Edgar Allen Poe theme, it’s a quick call.

Historian Vickie Preston and FBI Agent Griffin Pryce look forward to starting their lives together. Vickie is looking forward to becoming a member of the Krewe when she completes FBI training. They make a quick stop in Baltimore for a weekend getaway. But their rest is cut short when the body of a noted author is found in the basement of the restaurant.

The reader gets more than they bargained for as the couple becomes involved in not one but two cases, the current murders in the restaurant and the murder of Poe, himself.

The author does a great job of introducing us to Baltimore as it is now and taking us to its streets in the mid-1800’s.

An easy reader with likable characters and a gothic feel, it will have you staying up late turning the pages to see who-dun-it.

Tim Suddeth attended the 2017 Killer Nashville Internation Writers’ Conferences as the Jimmy Loftin Memorial Scholarship winner. He has started a series of a young law school graduate starting her career in Charleston, SC. He lives in Greenville, SC with his wife, Vickie, and his 20-year-old autistic son, Madison. He can be reached at and is a regular contributor at The Write Conversation and