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Whispering Room

The Whispering Room

By Dean Koontz

ISBN 978-0345546807
Publish Date:  November 21, 2017


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The Whispering Room

Review by Liz Gatterer

Sometimes at night, I come wide awake, I come wide awake, I come wide awake,
I come wide awake and I feel a spider crawling inside my skull,
and it speaks to me…in an evil whisper.

Anyone who knew Cora Gunderson would have told you she was such a sweet person.  They would have said she was the epitome of a spinster school teacher.  But witnesses say she they could see her laughing as she plowed her car, engulfed in flames, and loaded down with gallons of gasoline, into the hotel killing scores of people.  But why?  Local sheriff, Luther Tillman was one of the people who knew Cora–and he cannot accept that she could have done such a terrible thing. 

With an intro that would have been too shocking to believe a decade ago, but could easily be taken from the headlines of today’s news,  Dean Koontz’ latest novel, The Whispering Room, continues the pulse-pounding story of government conspiracies, mind-control, murder, and vengeance.  The main character, Jane Hawk is a rogue FBI agent with the skills and determination to track down and stop the powerful people responsible for her husband’s murder.  In the process, she uncovered their Manchurian-esque plan of world domination through mind control.  In the first book, The Silent Corner, she sought out and killed the scientist that developed the process.  But this plot is a Hydra with many heads left. 

Jane Hawk is relentless.  Her ability to compartmentalize what has happened and still do what must be done is epic. She commands both respect and awe while still being a character that has heart.  But, that is what Koontz does best, tearing at your heartstrings what scaring the crap out of you.  This series is compelling because of the similarities between the fictional events that happen and what is really happening in the world.  The names have been changed to protect the innocent…