New Release

Verses for the Dead
By Preston & Child
Grand Central Publising
ISBN 978-1538747209
Publication Date: December 31, 2018


Review by Liz Gatterer

Verses for the Dead is Preston and Child’s 18th thriller featuring FBI agent Aloysius Pendergast. There is a “new sheriff in town” so-to-speak; Special Agent Coldmoon has been assigned by the new New York City FBI field office assistant director to partner with Pendergast in an attempt to bring the rogue agent to heel. The two investigators head to Miami Beach, where a human heart has been left on the grave of decade-old suicide victim alongside a note from a mysterious Mister Brokenhearts.  Of course, there is much more to the story, including all of the supernatural elements that must be part of any Pendergast novel, but there are are some interesting twists that should please even the most jaded reader.  Needless to say, Agent Coldmoon is not the controlling influence on Pendergast that the Assistant Director Picket was hoping for.

One of the biggest challenges in writing a series that has 18 (and hopefully more) installments, is keeping the story fresh while still including all the familiar parts of the characters that fans expect.  Preston and Child are masters of writing contemporary tales that feel familiar.  Even if you start at this point in the series, you will enjoy the ride.

Liz Gatterer attended Tulane University while living in New Orleans. It was there that she first began working with authors in the printing industry. Originally from Upstate New York, she moved to Nashville with her husband to pursue their careers (his being music). Three (absolutely fabulous) children later, she has returned to the working world in the industry she loves. She currently lives in Spring Hill with said husband and children, dogs, cats, and various other creatures. The necessity of multitasking has led her to an addiction to audio books – but, when able to, she still prefers to curl up with a good book (and a child in her lap).