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The Witch Elm
By Tana French
ISBN 978-80735224629
Publication Date: October 2018

The Witch Elm

Review by Clay Stafford

Toby Hennessey is not much different from you or me. He’s just an average guy going through his life. He’s a resilient sort, lucky one would say, and barely escapes losing his job at work when he is caught in a little discrepancy. But matters are about to get worse. Toby’s apartment is robbed and he is beaten to human pulp. As happens, his brain and memories are not what they used to be. He can’t work and to pass his time while he is healing, Toby’s mother suggests that he temporarily stay with his dying uncle at the old family home, the Ivy House. The two can keep each other company. The therapy seems to work and is going along swell until a skeleton is literally found in the backyard. At that point, it becomes a question of how did it get there and, without memories to help him remember, Toby is at a loss for how to deal with it.

            “The Witch Elm” is a detailed character study. I was drawn immediately into the character and point of view of Toby. It’s a longish book (over 500 pages), but one that kept me engaged throughout. French is a writer whose sense of place and character are unmatched. An international bestseller with her Dublin Murder Squad series, this is a standalone that does not disappoint. Because you’ll be so involved, you’ll want to read it quickly, but you’ll also find you’ll want to slow down just to savor the language and nuances of the story. It is not often a story can be told as much with dialogue, more so than even with description. Tana French writes a tale that makes you want to read it again immediately after the first time through.

            Tana French is the author of six New York Times bestselling books (this one will make seven) and is the winner of the Edgar, Anthony, Macavity, and Barry Awards. She lives in Dublin, Ireland with her family.

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