The wayward spy
The Wayward Spy
Susan Ouellette
Camcat Books
Coming March 2021
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The Wayward Spy

Review by Tim Suddeth

What would happen if Al Qaeda were able to a place a mole in the Congress of the United States?

In The Wayward Spy, Susan Ouellette takes us into today’s post-9/11 world of US-Russian-Chechen-Al Qaeda relations and gives us a page-turner of a spy story that could have come right from today’s newspaper. She walks us through the halls of the United States Capital, as well as the dangerous streets of a broken Soviet Union.

Maggie Jenkins learns that her fiancé was killed in an explosion in Tbilisi, Georgia. The CIA attributes the explosion to Chechen rebels. But when Maggie learns that he is suspected of treason, she decides to do her own investigation using her resources as an analyst for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Facing terrorists, assassins, and corrupt agents, will Maggie be able to prove her fiancé’s innocence before she has to commit treason, or is eliminated herself?

Susan Ouellette well knows the world she takes us into. She was an analyst for the CIA covering the Soviet Union in the early 90’s. After graduate school, she worked for the House Permanent Select Committee so she is familiar with the halls in the Capital and diplomatic red tape Maggie tread.

I found the heroine, Maggie Jenkins, to be engaging and believable. When she found herself in a position where she didn’t know who to trust, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.

This is Susan Ouellette debut novel. And I hope to see mush more of both Susan and Maggie.

Tim Suddeth was the 2017 Jimmy Loftin Memorial Scholarship Award winner. He’s currently working on his fourth novel. He currently blogs for The Write Conversation and is trying to make a dent in his to-read bookcases. You can follow him on his blog at or on Twitter @TimSuddeth.