The Warriors

By Paul Batista

Oceanview Publishing
ISBN 978-1608093182
December 18, 2018



Review by Henry Hack

Slide over John Grisham and Scott Turow and make room on your narrow bench for Paul Batista to join you as a fellow top legal thriller author. The Warriors contains everything necessary to keep you turning pages, anticipating the next surprise plot twist until sleep finally overcomes you.

The story is immediately relevant when a female senator from New York State, whose husband was a former president, must stand trial on charges of foreign campaign contributions and misuse of those funds. The comparison to recent events surrounding the last presidential campaign is obvious, but not at all trite as the story takes us into unchartered territory far beyond mere political corruption. Powerful and deadly drug lords, two strong, intelligent, beautiful women locked in a life and death struggle, and an assortment of crooked cops, businessmen, jurors, and politicians combine for a terrific ride in the City of New York and its environs. The killer known as The Blade of the Hamptons may inhabit your dreams long after this book has been devoured.

Author Paul Batista brings thirty years of legal experience to his fifth novel, and that experience and his intimate factual knowledge of Manhattan streets, enable him to create well-drawn characters who perfectly fit within their environs.

As a writer, and reader, I ask myself two questions after reading a book by an author new to me: Was I satisfied that the author knew his material and conveyed an exciting story? And, Would I buy another book written by that author?  In Mr. Batista’s case, my answers are a resounding, Yes and Yes!  Pick up a copy of The Warriors and I’m certain you will agree.

Henry Hack is a lifelong New Yorker who served in the Nassau County, NY Police Department for twenty-two years, including fourteen years in the Detective Division.  He commanded the Scientific Investigation Bureau and was qualified as an expert witness in several forensic fields including blood, narcotics and trace evidence. He also commanded the Eighth Precinct, Uniform Force, and resides in North Carolina with his wife, Lorraine.

After attending public schools in Queens and Brooklyn, Henry received a Bachelor’s degree from Adelphi University and a Master’s in Criminal Justice from Long Island University. In addition to his public service on the police force, Henry served as Vice President in charge of Security at Cablevision. Now an empty-nester with seven children and step-children scattered around the country, Henry devotes his time to writing fiction.

His novels Danny Boy, Cases Closed, Mommy, Mommy and Forever Young  feature homicide Detective Danny Boyland. Cassidy’s Corner, The Last Crusade, The Romen Society  and Election Day feature Police Officer Harry Cassidy.

Portraits in Blue  is a collection of fourteen stories.