The Counsel of the Cunning by Steven C. Harms/Review by Sandra Tow

The Counsel of the Cunning by Steven C. Harm

Suspense Publishing
November 9, 2021
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The Counsel of the Cunning by Steven C. Harms
Review by Sandra Tow

An unexpected visit from billionaire and former Senator Jürgen Sandt propels Roger Viceroy and his team of investigators to search for Sandt’s only son, who went missing in the jungles of Guatemala ten years prior. A mysterious package left at the Sandt estate suggests Bertram Sandt is still alive. Viceroy and his team meet a litany of nefarious characters and face life-threatening danger as they track down leads from the streets of Milwaukee to Washington D.C. and the jungles of Guatemala. It becomes a race to save millions for Viceroy and his team as the investigation uncovers an unspeakable plot to control humanity.

The Counsel of the Cunning is the second installment in the Roger Viceroy series by Steven C. Harms. While not having read the first novel in the series, this didn’t hinder interest or connection to the characters or storyline. The writing and backstory are executed in a way that doesn’t leave a reader lost. The novel does have secular elements, which may deter some readers who don’t pick up a thriller with spirituality in mind. It doesn’t discouraged from continuing the book, though, and the storyline and pacing eclipse secular references if that’s an element the reader wouldn’t usually seek in a thriller. 

Harm’s novel is a fast-paced thriller exploring greed, power, grief, and faith. This book will appeal to readers drawn to a genre that thrives on break-neck pacing and puzzling twists and turns. Readers will not be disappointed.

Sandra Tow is a writer who lives in North Carolina with her husband, daughter, three dogs and an alarmingly increasing flock of chickens. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Queens University of Charlotte and is currently working on a memoir and a short story collection.