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“The Burning Gates” by Parker Bilal / Reviewed by Ashlyn Duke

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Parker Bilal,  Credit: Aisha Seeberg
Parker Bilal,
Credit: Aisha Seeberg

After being forced to flee Cairo and struggling to make ends meet, former Sudanese police inspector, Makana, continues his story in Parker Bilal’s “The Burning Gates”, the fourth book in the Makana Investigation series.

Set in September 2004, “The Burning Gates” picks up with Makana working in the Middle East. A wealthy client, Aram Kasabian, asks Makana to track down a famous painting that went missing during the US invasion of Baghdad, Iraq. There are rumors that the painting has reappeared and thought to be in possession of an Iraqi colonel; however, the price on the Iraqi war criminal’s head makes the search a little difficult for Makana since the colonel is currently on the run from the Americans.

Nothing is as it seems. People are dying and Makana is too caught up in the storm to leave the case behind. Much like sand slipping from his fingers, Makana is losing his grasp on time and he must act quickly to solve the case before it’s too late.

Parker Bilal sets up a wonderfully written novel that will capture the heart of any thrill-seeker. Bilal, also, gives his reader a peek into the corrupted side of Cairo’s art scene, which holds a huge impact on the plot.

After reading this fast-paced and constantly-changing crime thriller, it will have you wondering, “Who do you believe?”

Ashlyn Duke is a traveler, not a tourist. She likes to read, draw, and look beyond what’s right in front of her.

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