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Tango Down
(Sam Acquillo Hamptons Mysteries 7)

By Chris Knopf

Permanent Press
ISBN 978-1579625016
Publication Date:  December 31, 2017

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Tango Down

Review by Jim Biggs

What can I say?  I’m a big fan of Sam Acquillo.  A cottage in the Hamptons, his gorgeous girl living next door, a workshop in his basement and good dog by his side – this is the life I dream of.  Ok, so there is always something happening and Sam always ends up in the middle of it – but, that’s what keeps his life so damn interesting! The first Chris Knopf book I read was Short Squeeze, which is the first in his Jackie Swaitkoski book series but I found myself really identifying with the Sam Acquillo character.  I then binge read the entire series over a few weeks.  I was pretty happy when I found out about this latest installment, Tango Down and jumped at the opportunity to review it.  I can honestly say, it just may be my favorite Sam Acquillo yet. 

Tango Down begins with the murder one of Sam’s custom cabinetry clients, Victor Billingsly.  Bludgeoned to death by a golf club that he lent to another contractor working on his house, Ernesto Mazzotti, who happened to also be Sam’s close friend.  Obviously, Sam is not about to let his friend face the rap for this alone.  Before the police are even aware that Mazzotti had the means (but no motive) to kill Billingsly, Sam enlisted the help of defense attorney, Jackie Swaitkoski.  See how this all comes around full circle?  

Knopf has become on of my favorite authors.  His writing is witty and intelligent without sounding arrogant or patronizing.  His characters are likable, but flawed, with just the right balance of good and bad traits that make them work together well.  I seem to find myself humming “I get by with a little help from my friends” whenever I finish one of his novels and longing for an Adirondack chair with a view of the ocean…