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By Christopher Reich

Mulholland Books
ISBN 978-0316342353
Publication Date: January 16, 2018

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Review by Jim Biggs

Who better to catch a thief than another thief? Simon Riske has played both sides of the game and has the skills (as well as connections) to hunt down a former acquaintance who has stolen a large amount of cash from a Saudi Arabian princ–as well a letter that could turn that could upset the balance of power in the western world.  I love a good spy vs. spy novel!

Christopher Reich’s latest novel, The Take is a high-speed thriller with an all the bells and whistles.Well written, with characters that are unexpectedly novel yet still fit the bill.  Yes, there is a sexy Russian assassin, but she is not Natasha Fatale (and for you youngsters that don’t get the reference, Google it).  I actually read this one through in one go and I hope there are more to come.