Success Story – Debra Goldstein

Debra Goldstein

In 2014, I participated in two [Killer Nashville] roundtables. Although the Kensington editor didn’t feel the 2 pages I presented were a good fit for the line she represented, she kindly spent time with me after the session answering my questions about Kensington cozies. Two hours later, my second roundtable editor, Deni Dietz, asked for the entire book from the same two pages. A few weeks later, she bought the book that this year is a Silver Falchion nominee, Should Have Played Poker: a Carrie Martin and the Mah Jongg Players Mystery.  The next book I wrote, One Taste Too Many, recently sold to Kensington as the first of a three book deal featuring Sarah Blair, a cook of convenience who if she finds herself too close to a kitchen might get scorched.

During the past few years, twenty-five of my short stories have been published.  Thanks to being placed on several short story KN panels, as a panelist or moderator, I have met a number of excellent short story writers who not only have shared their craft knowledge with me and joined me in teaching endeavors, but have become good friends.

Finally, although I didn’t sign with the agent I met through KN, she gave me excellent advice that resulted in me signing with an agent who specializes in cozies.   

Indirectly, KN is now responsible for me selling 4 books, writing the story that ended up as my first AHMM sale, and finding an agent. Not a bad track record from a conference.