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General Submissions Policy:

– We are looking for about 750-800 words on some aspect of writing in the genre from your unique perspective. Try to avoid a topic that’s been discussed recently in past blogs. You can pick a topic, or we can discuss one.

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– We encourage you to cite your own work, a previous book or current project, as an example of the point you are trying to make: “Here’s an issue I encountered while writing, and here’s how I solved it.” In addition to the blog, you will need to send a brief and up-to-date bio, a head shot, and a cover shot.

– Tom Wood, our first round editor, will give it a first read and get back to you if he has questions. Then he will pass it along to the KN staff, who may also have editorial requests. He will send you an email after it is posted, probably 2 months after submission – sometimes sooner, sometimes later.