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The Spartan Dagger by Nicholas Guild / Jonathan Thurston Howl

The Spartan Dagger

By Nicolas Guild

Forge Books
ISBN 978-0765376510
Published 12/27/2016

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Killer Nashville Reader’s Choice Award

The Spartan Dagger

Killer Nashville review by Jonathan Thurston Howl

From bestselling novelist Nicholas Guild, of The Assyrian, The President’s Man, and Blood Ties, comes a historic adventure that is sure to grip anyone’s interest, The Spartan Dagger.

In an act of revenge against the bloody rituals of Sparta, the young boy, Protos becomes a one-man army against the very people who murdered his parents. And Guild is determined to tell this story of vengeance with all its blood-stained glory.

However, this tale is far more than your simple revenge plot. What starts as a young man avenging his parents becomes a champion in a quest to liberate his own people. He finds himself questioning the values of vengeance, morality, freedom, family, and even what true power is.

If Quentin Tarantino has a way of making brutality aesthetic, Nicholas Guild has a way of making the fine details of history brutalistic. It is rare to see someone so craftily meld genuine historic research with a thrilling and gripping suspense, and, from the beginning, readers will be standing behind Protos with spears of our own, just as eager for Spartan blood.


Through this acute acumen for historic detail, Guild manages to paint a world that is not only vivid–thrusting the reader into its culture immediately–but also creates one that is realistic and informative, giving us a taste of Spartan life that leaves a coppery taste in our mouths.


If dark, edgy historic epics are in your interests–or even just a good story!–then The Spartan Dagger is a perfect read for you. Get the book, turn the page, and bury the dagger. And see how long before it gets you hilt-deep.

Jonathan Thurston Howl
Thurston Howl Publications
Vanderbilt University, BA in English
Middle Tennessee State University, MA in English