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Consignment with Parnassus Books

Authors whose works are not available from Ingram should bring copies on consignment. Parnassus Books will have a consignment form that will record how many are brought and how many are sold, and then Parnassus will send a check for the sold quantity after the conference’s end. You need to be able to provide the books to Parnassus at a 40% discount, and Parnassus will not be taking unsold copies back to the store, so you will be responsible for unsold stock when you leave the conference.

If you are bringing your book to the conference and want to offer it for sale in the bookstore on consignment, please note the following important information. 

  • Parnassus will accept 10 copies of up to three titles per author. Please plan accordingly.
  • Please legibly fill out a copy of the consignment form (available for download below) in advance, and bring it, along with your books, to one of the consignment windows. Please note, no books will be received outside of the consignment windows.
  • Please pick up any remaining copies by no later than 2:30 PM on Sunday. 
  • Payment for books sold will be mailed directly to the address on the consignment form within 30 days.

Any questions regarding availability of books should be addressed to Tristan Charles ( at Parnassus Books 615-953-2243.

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Parnassus Book Consignment Form

Download (PDF, 59KB)

Killer Nashville book signings are free and open to the public.

Authors wishing to sign books not only have the opportunity to meet conference attendees, but also book buyers and fans.

If you wish to participate in book signings, please indicate it on your registration form including available days and times (we will try to accommodate, but cannot guarantee your requested date and time).

Note: the more flexible you are the greater your chance of being able to sign books. Every effort will be made to accommodate your schedule, but no guarantees apply. Registration also does not guarantee an opportunity to sign.

Please understand that if your information is received after July 1st, on site bookstores will progressively have a harder time ordering copies of your books to sign. The registration cutoff date for book signings is July 15th.

William Kent Krueger signs copies of his book.
William Kent Krueger signs copies of his book.

TERMS FOR SIGNING BOOKS: Parnassus and Killer Nashville will accommodate all authors as space permits. Requesting a book signing during registration does not guarantee a book signing position. You will be notified before the conference of your book signing time(s). Consistent with other national conferences such as the New York MWA Symposium, all events may be taped and sold to raise money for future Killer Nashville events. Any recorded audio and visual appearances, including use of your voice, name, image, and likeness, are considered a charitable donation for the benefit and continuance of Killer Nashville. NO EXCEPTIONS. By submitting the registration form, you agree you have read and understand everything contained herein.

Please include an announcement on your website that you will be appearing at Killer Nashville. When signing times are assigned, please include that information on your website as well so that your personal fan base will know when to see you specifically.