Sherlock Holmes: The Werewolves of Edinburgh
M.J. Downing
Burns and Lea Media
ISBN 978-1733980616
Publication Date: November 10, 2020
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Sherlock Holmes: The Werewolves of Edinburgh

Review by Joy Gorence

M.J. Downing rivals the suspense and mysterious interludes of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson with Sherlock Holmes: The Werewolves of Edinburgh. Based on Dr. Watson’s unpublished case files, avid enthusiasts of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels will not be disappointed to discover some of the lesser-known and previously undisclosed files documented by John H. Watson, M.D.

Dr. Watson recounts a case enmeshed in mythical and magical realms. With the passing of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson discloses his “ventures into the fantastic.” His work as an agent of Department Zed and his desire to become a member of the Logres Society serve as the catalyst for this engagement.  The Logres Society is devoted to keeping the balance of the practical and the mystical for the good of humanity. For Dr. Watson, his acceptance into the Logres Society is dependent on his performance. That acceptance, however, comes with a cost.

Once again, Moriarty’s perfidy remains a constant in the background for Dr. Watson’s tale. In this account, the forces of evil manifest themselves at the beginning of the story with Spring Heeled Jack, a werewolf, who commits his attacks in London during the Christmas season.  Omar Raboud, the occult advisor of the Logres Society, and Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s brother, enlist the help of Sherlock, Dr. Watson, and Guthrie to capture this creature alive. Their efforts are thwarted, however, with Spring Heeled Jack’s death. From that point forward, the twelve days of Christmas unleash onerous clashes, not only for Dr. Watson and his colleagues, but also for those who have sworn their allegiance to fighting the mysterious forces of evil.

The story begins on Boxing Day, December 26, 1888, in London when the dark shadows and cold night air propel Dr. Watson into the horrors of nightmares and dark magic.  Told from his perspective, the narration mesmerizes the reader to follow Dr. Watson’s immersion into the world of fairies, werewolves, and lost kingdoms. With a steady and ominous pace, this account reveals a riveting tale of mystery and intrigue.

Joy Gorence is new to Killer Nashville.  She is an author, world-traveler, English professor (ret.), and avid reader.  Originally from Long Island, NY she now lives in South Florida with her husband, Bill, and their two pampered kitties.