Runner by Tracy Clark/Review by Sheila Sobel

Tracy Clark

June 29, 21
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Runner by Tracy Clark

Review by Sheila Sobel

At two in the morning during another unforgiving Chicago winter, private investigator Cass Raines would much rather be cozied up at home than sitting in an over-heated burger joint waiting for a potential client. When the woman arrives, Cass learns that Leesa Evans has had a hard life, one of her own making through a series of bad decisions. Her drug addiction caused her to lose her daughter to foster care. Now clean, her road to recovery is still a work-in-progress, but she desperately wants to get her daughter back and she needs Cass to help.

Like all things requiring the services of a private investigator, there is no straight line from the start of a new case to its conclusion. This case is no different. Fifteen-year-old Ramona has gone missing from her current foster home and the police believe she’s just another runaway. But Ramona is no ordinary runaway. Fearing for her life, she’s gone underground, finding refuge with a ragtag group of homeless kids who will do whatever it takes to protect one of their own. As Cass digs deeper into the world of abandoned children, she learns that the teenaged girl placed in the home before Ramona is missing as well. All is not as it appears to be with the picture-perfect, pearl-wearing foster mother. Or the man who placed Ramona into her care. With the clock ticking, Cass needs to find Ramona and learn her secrets before they both end up dead.

In Runner, Book 4 in the A Chicago Mystery Series, Tracy Clark provides readers with a well-crafted mystery for fans—both old and new—of former homicide detective turned private investigator, Cass Raines.

Growing up in Chicago, Tracy Clark read everything she could get her hands on. When a wave of fantabulous female crime writers swooped in bringing their thunder—Grafton, Muller, Maron, Paretsky, Bland, Neely, Wilson Wesley—she knew right away she wanted to be just like them. After graduating from grad school, she started her career in the newspaper business. Up every day at 5:30 AM with her laptop and a cup of Earl Grey, she edits by day and writes the Cass Raines mysteries around her work schedule. When not writing or editing, Tracy enjoys a good black-and-white movie. Learn more about Tracy Clark at:

Sheila Sobel’s debut, “Color Blind” won the 2017 Killer Nashville Reader’s Choice Award for Best YA Fiction and was a Finalist for the 2017 Silver Falchion Award for Best YA Fiction. Her middle-grade WIP, “Time Flies,” was a finalist for the 2020 Killer Nashville Claymore Award.

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