murder in galway
Murder in Galway
Carlene O’Connor
April, 2020
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Murder in Galway

Review by Joy Gorence

Carlene O’Connor once again delights readers with her newest series of cozy mysteries, A Home to Ireland Mystery. Those who have enjoyed her Irish Village Mysteries will not be disappointed with the introduction of Tara Meehan, a New York City interior designer. In this first book: Murder in Galway, Tara embarks on a trip Galway, Ireland to spread her mother’s ashes. Hoping also to deliver a message from her dying mother to her Uncle Johnny, who has been estranged from his sister for more than twenty years, Tara discovers that the locals in Galway do not have kind words for her or her uncle

The novel opens with an infuriated Emmet Walsh, a man of wealth who believes he has been cheated by Johnny Meehan, Tara’s uncle. Emmet’s obsession over a cast-iron pig that he purchased through Johnny’s Irish Revivals was not delivered as promised. With Emmet’s reflections and thoughts, Carlene O’Connor provides the catalyst for a mystery that soon consumes Tara.

Meanwhile, while Emmet is at Johnny’s cottage, Tara arrives in Galway and is familiarizing herself with the village. The locals have not seen her uncle for a while, and they only seem to have disparaging comments about him. Tara, determined to find her uncle, goes to his cottage. Upon her arrival, she discovers a dead body spread across the entry way of his cottage. She mistakenly assumes it is her uncle. Her uncle, in the meantime, has disappeared.

Despite the obstacles placed before Tara, she is determined to find her uncle. Along the way, O’Connor introduces the reader to a cache of colorful characters. A constant pacing interlaced with tension, Murder in Galway comes to a conclusion that leaves readers anxiously waiting for the publication of the next novel in the series.