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Murder at First Pitch by Nicole Asselin/Review by Joy Gorence
Murder at First Pitch
By Nicole Asselin
Pandamoon Publishing
ISBN 978-1950627219
Publication Date: August 31, 2019

Murder at First Pitch

Review by Joy Gorence

Nicole Asselin opens the door to baseball fans in Murder at First Pitch, the first in the series of her Ball Park Mysteries. The protagonist, Madeline Boucher, in her thirties, learns her job will no longer exist after her technical writing contract is complete. Her Boston employer informs her she has one month to find new work in a shrinking job market. Apprehensively, she turns to her family. Luckily for her, she has the family business for support, and she rediscovers her love for the Abington Armadillos Ballpark and team. Her grandfather had bought the team years ago and turned it into a “lucrative business.”

When she reveals to her mother that she needs to find a job within a month’s time, her mother is elated to offer her a position as their social media consultant. It is a warm homecoming for her because she grew up at the park with her parents and brother. Madeline easily fits into her new position. 

As the opening day of the games approaches, Madeline realizes that her easy pace in her new employment is about to take a turn for the worse.  On the day of the opening games, Madeline uncovers a man’s body in the dugout.  When the local news coverage points a finger at her brother for the murder and he is arrested, she becomes entangled in learning the truth behind the murder. With the support of Davis, the head of security at the park, she stumbles upon a web of intrigue.

Joy Gorence is new to Killer Nashville.  She is an author, world-traveler, English professor (ret.), and avid reader.  Originally from Long Island, NY she now lives in South Florida with her husband, Bill and their two pampered kitties.