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A Merciful Secret

By Kendra Elliot

Montlake Romance
ISBN 978-81542047869
Publication Date: January 16, 2018

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Review by Liz Gatterer

FBI Special Agent Mercy Kilpatrick works hard to make sure she is prepared for whatever the future may bring, be it a natural disaster, terrorists, or the collapse of modern society.  She has spent years squireling away supplies in her TEOTWAWKI cabin hidden deep in the woods of rural Oregon.  But no one can be prepared when a 10-year-old girl, covered in blood, appears out of nowhere, desperate for help.  Despite her unease about the possible exposure of her sanctuary, Mercy follows the girl to a hidden cabin where the girl’s grandmother lies dying from brutal slashes covering her body.  Despite Mercy’s best efforts, in the end, the only aid Mercy can offer is a hand to hold as the woman succumbs to her injuries.  Although this isn’t an official FBI case (yet), Mercy is compelled to protect the girl, solve the murder and find out exactly where the mother is.  

A Merciful Secret is the third book in the Mercy Kilpatrick series by Kendra Elliot.  I really like this series, it is smart and well thought out.  Elliot has created in Mercy a strong, smart, and independent female lead, that isn’t the typical “cop” type character found in other Romantic Thrillers.  She has rough edges and emotional baggage, but she carries it well. She is fiercely independent, with plenty of common sense as well as survival skills.  The romance (which is tasteful–not overly done or explicit) between Mercy and Truman has finally broken through to the stage where they both can say “I love you” without it being awkward, but the future of their relationship may be in trouble.  It is really hard for Mercy to let herself need someone. And she does need Truman… With good pacing, an interesting backstory and plenty of potential for more in the series, I think this book could appeal to fans outside of the Romantic Thriller genre.  Mercy is a bit of Agent Clarice Starling mixed with aspects of Sheriff Walt Longmire.

The next book in the series will be out in June and the series is being developed for television as well–so it’s a great time to get caught up!