Mary Anne Edwards

Mary Anne EdwardsMary Anne Edwards is the author of The Charlie McClung Mysteries. Brilliant Disguise was released January, 2014, A Good Girl will be released September, 2014, and Poisoned Waters will be released April, 2015. These are traditional murder mysteries with a touch of romance. Currently, there are seven more McClung mysteries in the making. But her imagination tends to run wild, so you never know when it may end. She also published short stories in Evangel and The Associate Reformed Presbyterian magazines.

Mary Anne was born in Mercedes, Texas. She now lives in Georgia with her husband of 33 years and they dream of retiring in… Well, they have not decided, yet. For years, she only dabbled in writing, but with the encouragement of her husband, she left the accounting world to write full-time. When Mary Anne is not writing, she loves to read, watch crime dramas, and travel with her husband.