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Love You Dead by Peter James / Reviewed by Connie Jones

Love You Dead

By Peter James

Pan Macmillan
ISBN 978-1447255819
Published 10/01/2017

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Killer Nashville Reader’s Choice Award

Love You Dead

Killer Nashville review by Connie Jones

Love You Dead by Peter James is the 12th installment in the Roy Grace series.  Grace is Detective Superintendent in Brighton, England, currently fit for duty again after recovering from a bullet wound. He has a new home with his wife, a new baby, a loved dog and goldfish. He also has a horrible boss whose life he once saved, is tying up the end of a case involving a serial murderer, and is dealing with changes in office location and the lack of spoons in the break room.

Jodie Bentley is lovely but twisted Black Widow—just getting started! The bodies begin to pile up and a hit man is tracking her down. There are twists, turns, and disconnected pieces. Will Grace and his team manage to put the whole puzzle together?  

The characters are well written, complex, and engaging. The action takes place around the globe, and it all converges into a very satisfying ending. There is some dark humor, tension, as well as a bit of horror along the way. To help with understanding the area in which it takes place, the author has provided maps of Brighton and surrounding area at the front of the book, and a helpful glossary of British police terminology at the end.

What a joy to find a likable crime novel character and learn that there is a whole series to go back and read as well as a new book coming out next week!   Need You Dead (Roy Grace 13) will be released June 6th.

Connie Jones  By trade a CPA/MBA, and most of her professional writing has been technical papers.    She gained some editing experience being the first reader for her award-winning late husband’s playwriting endeavors.  Her joy, though, is reading mysteries.