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2022 Agents and Editors Coming Soon

Our agents and editors are an invaluable resource and, without them, Killer Nashville wouldn’t have the reputation it does for helping emerging writers to find a foothold in the publishing world. Since we began our agent/editor roundtables in 2007, hundreds of conference attendees have found representation for themselves and their work at the Killer Nashville Writers’ Conference. Each year, we hear dozens of success stories that list our roundtables as one of the most valuable resources that we offer, but things weren’t always so easy.

In previous conference years, Killer Nashville offered agent and editor pitches. Although the offering was popular, and many capitalized on the opportunity with much success, we knew that Killer Nashville could offer more. After conducting painstaking research and engaging in discussion with agents/other conference organizers, we implemented our round-table format. These roundtable pitches not only offered the writers a chance to pitch their work by letting their pages speak for themselves, but they also made it possible for the writers to receive feedback from established agents and editors.

Past publishers and agencies represented include Alice Speilburg Literary Agency, Andrea Brown Literary Agency, BookEnds Literary Agency, Brower Literary Agency, China Grove Press, Corvisiero Literary Agency, Diversion Books, Dystel, Goderich & Bourret, Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency, Exhibit A Books, Fiery Seas Publishing, Fine Literary Agency, Fine Print Literary Agency, Five Star Mysteries, Folio Literary Management, Foundry Literary + Media, Holloway Literary, Inklings Literary Agency, Keller Media, Kensington Publishing, L. Perkins Agency, Liza Dawn Literary Agency, Lowenstein Associates, Maria Carvainis Agency, McIntoch & Otis, Nancy Yost Literary Agency, Regal Hoffman & Associates, Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency, Sheree Bykofsky Associates, St. Martin’s Press, Stonesong Literary Agency, Storm Literary Agency, Talcott Notch Literary Agency, The Seymour Agency, Trident Media Group, and Writer House.

Agents / Editors
Agents / Editors
Agents / Editors
Agents / Editors

Agent / Editor Roundtables

Each roundtable will consist of 5 writers, 1 agent or editor, and a volunteer to read submissions. When submitting your offering, please remember the following:

  • We ask writers to provide a minimum of 7 copies of the first two pages of their manuscript for each member of the group to bring the day of their editor roundtable. 
  • Please use double spacing with reasonable font sizing, such as 12 pt New Times Roman, with one-inch margins.
  • In the header area of the first page, include your name, book title, genre or subgenre, email address and/or phone number, and a one-sentence logline/description of the book to give the reader context. (Note: You may start the text at the top of the first page, rather than dropping down a number of lines to begin a chapter in standard manuscript format.)

After each manuscript is read, the agents and/or editors will give constructive feedback on the pages. Each agent and editor has been asked to keep comments instructional, helping writers see both their strengths and where they need to improve. Agents and editors may request partial or full manuscripts if they think a manuscript has promise.

Since it is understood that these sessions are educational in nature, in practice, each session serves as a pitch without penalizing a writer whose work is not yet ready for representation or publication. In addition, each writer can learn from what is said to the others.

Authors may register for as many sessions as they wish to, however, multiple sessions with the same agent or editor are discouraged. You may sign up for sessions during your conference registration process. Each session is $10. 

Manuscript Critiques


Killer Nashville offers manuscript critiques to its registered attendees for the low additional charge of $55 per critique. To learn more about critiques, click here.