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This month’s exclusive Killer Nashville Killer Cocktail: Passion’s Blush

Crimes of passion are as old as time. Look to the Bible and you will find the twisted tale of King David and his love for Bathsheba. He sent her husband to war to face certain death to be with her. How about the Greeks? They offered many cautionary tales, including the story of Clytemnestra who took an ax to Agamemnon for sacrificing their daughter and later bringing home the lovely Cassandra. Even Shakespeare gave a nod to deadly love when Othello smothers Desdemona because he believes she cheated on him.

Passion is a beautiful thing until it turns ugly, and countless novels have borrowed from this ancient theme.

Mark “Spaz” Morris, professional drink slinger, parlayed this literary-themed drink around artisanal Haitian liqueur and soaked hibiscus flowers. The flavors are as sumptuous as a passionate kiss with a hint of mystery. A “Passion’s Blush” is that moment before the crime is committed.

Sip this lovely creation while reading a good book.

Killer Nashville’s 
Passion’s Blush


1 Wild Hibiscus flower soaked in syrup

1 ounce Sorel, Haitian Hibiscus Liqueur

Top off with your favorite Sparkling Wine


1. In a champagne flute or glass, drop a single hibiscus flower in the bottom of the glass.

2. Gently pour Sorel liqueur on top of the flower.

3. Top it all off with a sparkling wine, or champagne. Spaz used an inexpensive cava, Jaume Serra Cristalino. Proseco and champagne will also do the trick.

4. Optional: Add the hibiscus flower’s syrup to sweeten the taste. (We liked it dry – no syrup.)


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About Spaz:

Spaz started in the restaurant/bar business back in 1984 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana when he was a student at Louisiana State University. Instead of becoming a chemical engineer, he became a social legend instead, he says jokingly. He later transferred to Knoxville, Tennessee, and received a Bachelor’s in marketing from the University of Tennessee in 1989. He has worked in biker bars to 4-fork-setting restaurants. An avid traveler, he has lived in 13 states and visited 40, so far. He enjoys reading sci-fi and sci-fantasy books. He currently holds court at Red Dog Wine and Spirits in Franklin, Tennessee. Check out the store:

Killer Cocktails: Passion’s Blush

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