Jonathan Stone

Jonathan Stone

“An update for you on AGAIN (retitled MOVING DAY as a book – and WRONG MOVE for film).

“My agent Jill (whom I met through Killer Nashville and winning the Claymore Award) and her rights co-agent Andrea sent it to their Hollywood co-agent, who loved it, and next thing I know, he has five big production companies (Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment; Dan Lin, producer of the Sherlock Holmes movies, etc.) all taking it in to their respective studios – Sony, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, etc. etc.) Then some folks we never even sent it to swooped in, made us an offer, and now have the rights – a team of two production companies – Nick Wechsler Productions (The Road, Time Traveler’s Wife, Magic Mike) and Steve Schwartz at Chockstone Pictures (The Host, Killing Them Softly, Tree of Life, etc.).

“Of course, a publisher made an offer two hours after the movie option deal – the tail wagged the dog!

“Will it actually be a movie? One can always hope. Has all the action been fun? Absolutely.

“And it all got started thanks to a writing contest in Nashville!”

Jonathan Stone, author of Again (Moving Day)