In a House of Lies
By Ian Rankin
Little, Brown and Company
ISBN 978-0316479202
Publication Date: December 31, 2018


Review by Jerry Ridger

Isn’t it wonderful when an old friend comes back into your life?  That’s is how I felt after reading Ian Rankin’s last DI John Rebus novel, In a House of Lies. It was time well spent and I have hope that it won’t be the last we hear of him.

To catch those new to the series up… would be a waste of time.  The quick version is that retirement is just as boring Rebus thought it would be. Getting older, giving up your bad habits (and dealing with the effects of those habits) is not going to work for him. 
So, when he hears of the discovery of a car in the woods with a body in the boot of a man that went missing over a decade before he reaches out to his old friend, Siobhan Clarke to help solve this cold case file. Never mind that Rebus has been retired for several years, in his heart he’ll always be a copper. It’s in his blood. And he still has plenty of scores to settle.

I love that all of the old gang is still around – Malcolm Fox, Big Ger Cafferty, and even his dog Brillo.  It is incredible how Rankin can get all of the stories were woven in together so tightly, with no loose threads. He is a master of his art.