The Ninja Betrayed
Tori Eldridge

Agora Books
September 14, 2021
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The Ninja Betrayed by Tori Eldridge Review by Sheila Sobel

In Lily Wong’s world, nothing is ever as it seems. Having been summoned to Hong Kong for an emergency board meeting at her father’s company, Lily’s mother remains in the dark and her father, Gung-Gung, is unwilling to share any details about the ominous gathering. What should have been a fabulous opportunity to spend time with her mother and her grandparents in Hong Kong becomes a challenge even before she and her mother can leave the airport terminal. With a massive crowd of political protesters blocking the exits, their trip gets off to a rocky start.

While tensions escalate within her own family, alongside the increased political dissension in the city, Lily finds it nearly impossible to focus on her relationship with Daniel Kwok. She’d hoped to advance their relationship with a little quality time while both are in Hong Kong, but family comes first. Worried that her mother might lose her long-held position within the company, Lily searches for the reason behind the emergency meeting. Lily’s discovery of years-long corporate misdeeds puts her and her mother squarely in the crosshairs of a powerful triad.

When Lily stepped off the plane, she never expected to rely on her ninja skills, but if she and her mother are to survive Hong Kong, it’s time to put her deadly expertise to use.

In The Ninja Betrayed, the third book in the Lily Wong series, Tori Eldridge brings the exotic city of Hong Kong to life with her vivid imagery of towering skyscrapers, lush gardens, and mouth-watering delicacies. Filled with high personal stakes, dangerous gangs, corporate intrigue and the wondrous possibilities of a budding romance, this action-packed adventure is a great addition to the series.

Tori Eldridge is the Anthony, Lefty, and Macavity Awards-nominated author of the Lily Wong mystery thriller series—The Ninja Daughter, The Ninja’s Blade, The Ninja Betrayed—and the upcoming dark Brazilian fantasy, Dance Among the Flames (May 2022). Her shorter works appear in horror, dystopian, and other literary anthologies, including the inaugural reboot of Weird Tales magazine. Her screenplay The Gift was a Nicholl Fellowship semi-finalist. Tori holds a fifth-degree black belt in To-Shin Do ninja martial arts and has performed as an actress, singer, dancer on Broadway, television, and film. Learn more at

Sheila Sobel’s Middle-Grade work-in-progress, TIME FLIES was a finalist for the 2020 Killer Nashville Claymore Award. Her debut YA novel, Color Blind, won the 2017 Killer Nashville Reader’s Choice Award for Best YA Fiction and was a Finalist for the 2017 Silver Falchion Award for Best YA Fiction. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two dogs and a cat. Learn more at: