The Librarian Always Rings Twice
Marty Wingate

January 4, 2022
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The Librarian Always Rings Twice by Marty Wingate
Review by Lynda Palmer

How had it come to this?  So begins an enticing book for all readers. The reader is instantly drawn to the setting. An old Victorian mansion filled with first edition books authored by the women of the Golden Age of Mystery.

It may be a perfect home, but don’t be lulled into this idyllic setting. Our author fills the mansion with mystery, murder, and quaint characters.

The story centers around life in Middlebank House and the First Edition Society. Our heroine is Hayley Burke, the curator of the museum. Endowed by Lady Georgiana Fowling, the museum is her gift to the community. She is also one of the contributors to the collection with her books. 

Full of an intriguing cast of characters, The Librarian Rings Twice keeps the reader turning the pages.  There’s an irascible nephew whose mission in life is to destroy his aunt’s will and get what he feels is due to him. The stalwart secretary sets out on a mission to protect Lady Fowling. Lady Fowling’s boyfriend becomes a helping hand and adds a rich level to the story. At the first public opening we’re introduced to a mysterious man who makes an outrageous claim of Lady Fowling being his grandmother. The amalgam of unique characters mixed with the informative stories that end up coming out of the cellar truly create a non-stop page turner!

The reader will feel they have the solution in hand early in the book, but the author weaves more clues proving the feeling very wrong. He brings this beautifully written story to a conclusion with passion, fire, and surprise.

Pick this one up for a delightful, easy read. Characters, murder, love, and surprises make this a must have for readers.

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