Life Flight
Lynette Eason

January 4, 2022
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Life Flight by Lynette Eason
Review by Sharon Marchisello

Life Flight opens with a nail-biting scene that engages immediately. EMS helicopter pilot Penny Carlton fights to keep her chopper aloft in a violent storm while her medical team tries to stabilize a critically injured teenager who has been hiking in the Appalachians. But when lightning damages the tail rotor, Penny has no choice but to crash land on top of a mountain.

Surviving the elements isn’t their only problem. Darius Rabor, a serial killer who recently escaped from prison, has been sighted in the neighborhood where the chopper went down. FBI Special Agent Holt Satterfield and his team are in pursuit.

With their radio out and no way to communicate with headquarters, Penny leaves the crash site to call for help. A rescue helicopter is dispatched to the area. On the way back to her team, Penny encounters Holt and the serial killer. There’s a struggle. Several team members are wounded.

It seemed like this story was going to wrap up at around page fifty. But like a rollercoaster with another hill to go, it didn’t. Holt has a history with Darius Rabor that makes his quest more personal; he was involved in arresting Rabor the first time around.

Penny and Holt are attracted to each other—another sub-plot that began before this story opens—but both have trust issues. Although miffed that Penny has kept secrets from him, Holt has neglected to tell her that his sister is in prison for murdering her husband, and she refuses to let anyone help her try to prove she didn’t do it. Nevertheless, we can see Penny and Holt start to work through their issues and grow closer; it helps that they have to keep saving each other’s lives. I predict they’ll be an item in future novels.

Lynette Eason ( is the bestselling, award-winning author of over fifty books including the Women of Justice series, the Deadly Reunions series, the Hidden Identity series, the Elite Guardians series, and the Blue Justice series. She writes for Revell and for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense line. Lynette and her husband live in Simpsonville, South Carolina, and they have two grown children.

Sharon Marchisello ( is the author of two mysteries published by Sunbury Press: Going Home (2014) and Secrets of the Galapagos (2019). She earned a Masters in Professional Writing from the University of Southern California and is active in Sisters in Crime. She lives in Peachtree City, GA, working on her next novel and doing volunteer work for the Fayette Humane Society and the Fayette County Master Gardeners.