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Game Piece
By Alan Brenahm
Black Opal Books
ISBN 978-1644370070
Publication Date: October 6, 2018

Game Piece

Review by Jerry Ridger

For many of us, finding a balance between work and home can be difficult.  For those in law enforcement seems to be even more difficult and the scale often times tips more toward work.  This is true for Detective Barry Marshall of the Temple Police Department in Texas.  Marshal is always the last to leave the office.  He is driven, conscientious, proud that what he does makes a difference in the world. His wife Erin and their daughter Cailey often take a back seat to “the job” and Erin wants him to make a career change.  Just about to head home for the weekend, when the phone rings…

The caller says he has an important lead, and against his better judgment, Marshall sets up a meeting.  When he arrives at the proposed meeting place the informant is nowhere to be found – but there are two bodies with their throats cut! And thus, begins a thriller cat-and-mouse chase with the mysterious killer always one step ahead of Marshall.  It becomes obvious that this killer knows Marshall and that the goal is to destroy Marshall professionally, personally, and maybe even physically.  It is a race to stop this killer and save his family.

Alan Brenham is a former Texas law enforcement officer, a criminal prosecutor, and criminal defense attorney.  His real-life experiences are obviously what gives Game Piece its griping level of detail and authenticity.  For some authors, making the transition from writing police reports or legal brief to writing engaging fiction can be difficult.  But Brenham is a top-notch writer and I truly enjoyed this novel.