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Fake Twist Phelan



By Twist Phelan

CreateSpace Independent Publishing
ISBN 978-1533560599
Published May 31, 2016

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Killer Nashville review by Clay Snellgrove

Author Twist Phelan introduces readers to corporate spy Finn Teller in her highly entertaining thriller Fake. The first in what looks to be a long series of mysteries featuring the savvy, capable spy is the perfect coming out party for Finn. Equal parts Jack Reacher, Stephanie Plum, and Jack Ryan, Finn Teller is not afraid to let her moral compass lead her into danger. While not always the best at taking orders, Finn has a bevy of other talents, some of which were surely honed while in the CIA. No longer in the government’s employ, Finn contracts for Strategic Information Associates (SIA), a job that takes her from the world of high fashion in Milan to the industrial landscape deep within war-torn Europe.

                  When a train derails in Croatia, a shipment of a much-needed vaccine headed for Africa is feared lost. Efforts to salvage the life-saving drug reveal the vials of medicine on the train to be counterfeit. Corporate titan and aspiring politician, Petar Moric needs to find out why his company’s train crashed and where the vaccine that his labs produced ended up. Fearing an inside job, Moric reaches out to SIA and requests the investigative services of Finn Teller. Having suffered her worst professional failure years before in the country, Finn is reluctant to return to Croatia. But using a deep cover, she ultimately takes the job.

                  Finn’s initial efforts to root out the truth behind the crash turn up a convenient tale of corporate espionage. Two patsies are arrested, and Petar Moric deems his business with SIA over. Sensing more to the story, Finn ignores orders to return home and perseveres. Armed only with her wits, her hands, and a single shot pen-gun, Finn will uncover a multi-national criminal enterprise whose nefarious activities threaten the lives of thousands around the globe. Finn must not only identify the ringleaders but escape alive to warn the world of the imminent danger.

                  Fake delivers thrills and suspense. With gritty detail and seamless action sequences, Twist Phelan makes it easy for readers to suspend disbelief. The writer’s totally cool, tough, ass-kicking heroine comes equipped with a sense of humor and sex-appeal. Finn Teller is a memorable character that feels capable of anchoring at least twenty more books. Her series of mysteries could not have gotten off to a better start.

Clay Snellgrove is the author of The Ball Player. He’s a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University. A former professional baseball player, Clay holds an MFA in creative writing from Converse College.