The Mask of Midnight by Laurie Stevens

by Dean Koontz

Thomas & Mercer
ISBN 978-1542019507
Publication Date: March 31, 2020
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Review by Liz Gatterer

For Megan Bookman, the only thing that matters is her son, Woody. She has built a very structured and safe life for him. It may be lonely for her, but that’s okay. Woody is autistic. He has never spoken a word. But he is exceedingly intelligent. Like many on the spectrum, Woody follows a very specific routine every day, but can also become consumed by a solitary pursuit.

Lately, his obsession has been investigating and documenting the circumstances of his father’s death. He is almost ready to present his findings to his mother.

Kipp was Dorothy’s golden retriever. Like most goldens, Kipp is smart, obedient, good-hearted and loyal. But Kipp is not most goldens. He is very special. When Dorothy passed away, Kipp was supposed to go to Dorothy’s housekeeper, but Kipp has different plans. It’s time for him to move on as well. There is something he is supposed to do. Someone he is supposed to help.

Lee Shacker has just left behind the life he worked so hard—too hard—to build. He is on the run and leaving a trail of disaster behind him.

He is changing. Evolving. Becoming.

And what he is becoming is very evil. But before he vanishes forever, there is just one person from his past he must see… Megan Bookman. She won’t be “the one that got away” for long.

For fans of Dean Koontz, you will be thrilled by his new release, Devoted. If you have never read any of Koontz’s work, Devoted is a great place to start. The tension builds from the first chapter and doesn’t let up until the end. Koontz novels are intense stories that tend to make one stay up until the wee hours of the night. The phenomenal elements that he incorporates into this story are so credible that you may start looking at both dogs and people in a very different light.

Liz Gatterer attended Tulane University while living in New Orleans. It was there that she first began working with authors in the printing industry. Originally from Upstate New York, she moved to Nashville with her husband to pursue their careers (his being music). Three (absolutely fabulous) children later, she has returned to the working world in the industry she loves. She currently lives in Spring Hill with said husband and children, dogs, cats, and various other creatures. The necessity of multitasking has led her to an addiction to audiobooks – but, when able to, she still prefers to curl up with a good book (and a child in her lap).