Deni Dietz / Five Star Mysteries

Deni Dietz - Senior Editor, Five Star MysteriesDenise [Deni] Dietz  of Five Star Mysteries has been in the publishing business for over 20 years and has been reading fiction for mumble-mumble years longer than that. When she was in grade school she tried to hide her mom’s hardcover Gone With the Wind inside her Dick and Jane reader. She got caught, learned her lesson, and hid her dad’s Perry Mason paperbacks instead. Deni still feels the same sense of joy and discovery when she reads a non–clichéd, well–written, character–driven novel. She says she wants to BE THERE, in the scene. For example, she doesn’t want to know that General Santa Anna was captured in 1836. She prefers to know that he was naked except for his underpants.

Deni’s authors include Edgar-nominated Al Lamanda, ITW winner Richard Helms, Lefty winner Kelli Stanley, and best-selling authors Ellen Larson, Kate Flora, Jonnie Jacobs (reviewers compared her to Jodi Picoult), Alana White, and James Patrick Hunt. Under the pen name Mary Ellen Dennis, Deni is the author of Heaven’s Thunder – a Colorado Saga – with an emphasis on Colorado’s silent film industry. Also, The Landlord’s Black-eyed Daughter, a paranormal history-mystery-romance, chosen as one of Booklist’s 10 Best Books of the Year and nominated for an RT Award.

Deni is often asked what she likes best: writing or editing? The answer, of course, is both. But here in this brief bio, she confesses that she likes working with new authors best, and when she offers one a contract she does a Snoopy dance.

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