David Burnsworth


“My first mystery, Southern Heat, would not have been a 2014, or any other year, debut if not for the great folks at Killer Nashville.  I haven’t come across another group so interested and dedicated to connecting authors with members of the publishing industry.  From visiting agents, one of whom signed me, to visiting publishers, one of whom offered me a contract, the caliber of those represented is top notch.

My first publication success however, wasn’t overnight.  It took six years to get myself and my work ready.  Determination and due diligence, as always, is required.  If you are still in the middle of your journey, there’s a tremendous amount of knowledge to be gained at the [Killer Nashville] conference.  Skilled authors and experts in the publishing industry will open up their tool boxes and show you their secrets during the classroom sessions and evening mixers.  You will get to hear from those at the top of their game how they got there and how they stay there.  Whether you are only thinking about writing, in the middle of eighty-thousand words, or feel you’re ready for publication, Killer Nashville is the event for you.

– David BurnsworthSouthern Heat