D. D. Ayres

D D Ayres
D. D.  Ayres

A veteran author of over 40 works of romance and women’s fiction, D.D. Ayres is writing Romantic Suspense and loving it! She believes the lure of romance is always the human connection. Put that connection in physical jeopardy, and we learn a bit more about who we really are.

With her K-9 Rescue series (The novella Necessary Force, and 3 novels: Irresistible Force, Force of Attraction, and Primal Force), D.D. hopes you will enjoy her sexy, suspenseful portrayals of K-9 teams at their best. She is under contract to extend the series with three new books, due out in 2016- 2017. She is published by St. Martin’s Press and represented by the Denise Marcil Agency.

D.D. lives in Texas with her husband Chris, and a soft-coated Wheaten terrier named Zoe.