Breakout Session Information

Are you a writer with specific questions you would like addressed? Do you want a chance to sit with an author in a small intimate setting and discuss the business of writing and getting published? Then a breakout session may be just the answer.

These limited-attendance question-answer sessions are conducted by professional authors, publishing professionals, and marketing specialists with the sole purpose of providing information that attendees can utilize in their writing careers, but without the pressure of being in a larger panel or whole-group setting.

  • Open to all attendees of Killer Nashville!
  • Enrollment is limited.
  • Please note that some sessions take place concurrently. 
  • It is not possible to attend more than one breakout session per day. 
  • Breakout sessions are interchangeable; you need only talk to a Killer Nashville staff member or volunteer. 


Friday Breakouts
1. TBA
2. TBA
3. TBA


Saturday Breakouts
4. TBA
5. TBA
6. TBA

Sunday Breakouts
7. TBA
8. TBA
9. TBA

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