Books for Vanuatu Schools


Kiwanis International – NZSP Division One (Auckland and Vanuatu)

Vanuatu Schools Still Need Books and Other Supplies:

  1. Local New Zealand schools are the best source for library books, readers and journals, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, etc, and they will undoubtedly be making regular culls so will be looking for places to send the books, which may well otherwise just get burnt. Make sure to send them a certificate of appreciation from time to time – this reminds them of the project when they cull next!
  2. In addition to books, secondhand school uniforms are also well received. Schools change their uniforms or their sports uniforms from time to time. No problem if they have names or badges on them. Sports teams in Vanuatu don’t mind that nor do pupils in general over there. Not shoes though.
  3. Soft toys are sent from time to time for the health clinics, and jigsaws [complete please] and other education type games too. These too are well received.

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