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Thank you for considering membership in the Authors Marketing International, LLC which has a rich history starting in 2011 when B Alan Bourgeois founded Texas Association of Authors (TxAuthors), a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and marketing Texas Authors and their books. In 2018 Indie Beacon was added to the group to help authors outside of Texas in receiving the same great benefits that TxAuthors offered. In 2019, both organizations were merged to create the Authors Marketing International (AMI) to illustrate and implement the organization’s main focus more effectively, which is to help authors from all aspects of publishing to understand and learn how to market and sell themselves and their books.

In order to achieve this, AMI provides a wide range of benefits. However, if the member-author does not use the benefits, they can expect to see no improvements in their book sales. Over the years, through our surveys, we have learned that authors who use at least 10% of the benefits can and will see an increase of at least 10% in book sales, while authors who use up to 75% of the benefits have seen on average an increase of 145% in book sales.

Below is everything that our regular membership includes. Notices of new and exciting events that we create to help you market and sell your books are shared with the membership as they become available.

  • Listing and ability to sell your book(s) on our bookstore website http://B4R.Store Participation in the DEAR Texas/DEAR Indie events – Book Festivals, Library Conferences, etc.
  • Indie Beacon Show Interview – No Less the two times in a calendar year. The show is recorded live and then distributed as an audio podcast on most systems, including iHeart Radio. Video recordings are on Amazon Fire TV and YouTube.
  • Access to the Members Only section of this website which contains articles, links, and connections to a variety of items and services to help you grow in marketing and selling your books.
  • Discount on the Authors Marketing Event registration – an annual event held at the end of July each year where authors and professionals join together to share valuable knowledge and insights on how to better market and sell books.
  • Major discounts with our sponsors and other related industry businesses and organizations to help you save money.
  • Advance notices of contests, programs, and events prior to general public notices. Authors Point System (APS) a way to earn value on services used and referral points for new members that sign up and give your name at the time of registration. This feature saves you money and improves your marketing.
  • Access to our YouTube channel to promote interviews, readings, etc., of you and your books Newsletters with the latest information with informative articles to help you succeed Tweets and postings on our social media system to over 35,000 followers and growing by 100 followers per week

All of the above services are included in your membership. Individually, you could spend up to $2,500 per year or more. The cost of these services is only $50 for an annual membership.

Termination of Membership:

1 – Termination of membership may be done at any time at the discretion of the Director as they feel is necessary due to the member violating rules and policies or endanger the profitability of the organization. At the time of termination of membership, the Director will supply a letter to the terminated member as to the reason for termination.

2 – Upon termination of membership, or failure to renew membership, which will be considered as termination of membership, the member has 30 days to request the return of any books in our system, that were supplied by the author. On the 31st day following termination of membership, the books, if any, will be donated to the Texas Authors Institute of History for their collection and use as they determine. Additionally, the author has 30 days from termination to renew their membership, otherwise, the membership is fully terminated. This brochure and the information contained within is subject to change without notice. (Last Updated 020121)