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Another Day Another Dali by Sandra Orchard / Review by Kathleen Cosgrove

Another Day Another Dali

By Sandra Orchard

ISBN 978-0800726690
Published October 18, 2016

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Another Day Another Dali

Killer Nashville review by Kathleen Cosgrove

Another Day Another Dali by Sandra Orchard, is the fun and fast-paced sequel to A Fool and His Monet. The story’s hero, Serena Jones, is an art fraud investigator with the FBI. When she takes on the case of a forged Salvador Dali painting at the request of her grandmother, she sets in motion a chain of twisting events that does not stop until you reach the last page. It is chock-full of interesting characters, including an aunt who keeps turning up in unexpected places, and a nice little love triangle that doesn’t resolve in the end, giving the reader hope for more in this series.

Orchard introduces the action right away and paces the novel in such a way that the reader wants to keep turning the page. But she does not allow the action of the story to bog down the plot or exhaust the reader. Her detailed research gives the reader a behind-the-scenes look into the world of art forgery and fraud. There is plenty of humor and lightness to balance the dire undercurrent of villainy and perhaps even corrupt police officers.

All in all, this is an clever mystery with a smart, believable and—above-all—an immensely likable hero that will give the reader a fascinating look into the world of art and the people who love it, steal it, or forge it—sometimes all at once