Absolute Proof

By Peter James
ISBN 978-0230772182
Publication Date: October 2018

Absolute Proof

Review by J.R. Gatterer

What would it take for you to be certain of the existence of God?  That is the basic question that journalist Ross Hunter is asked in Peter James’ new thriller Absolute Proof.  What would it take for the world to believe in God?  What would one do with that proof?  Does anyone really want there to be proof?

As far as a thriller goes, it is a slow-burning, intense, thought-provoking novel.  Similar in many ways to Dan Brown’s books it features the main character, a journalist named Ross Hunter, thrust (more or less) unwillingly into the story. Hunter is approached by a widower that, through the services of a medium, is in possession of certain facts that he has been told to only share with Hunter himself.  These facts will lead to absolute proof of the existence of God (let’s be clear, this is not proof of the Devine power, or evidence of the historical Jesus, but a very specific interpretation of the Christian God that would potentially incinerate relationships between religions.   

There are three bits of “evidence” that leads to intense world-wide chase scenes, several bad guys, murders, budding romance and love gone wrong. For those who think it’s time to question how and what we believe about religion, this is a novel for you.  Imagine, if you will, a Dan Brown novel infused with even more contemplation about our understanding of the Devine.  James is very good at writing a dramatic thriller.