2011 Guest of Honor Donald Bain

Donald Bain
Donald Bain

Donald Bain is the author of more than 100 books, many of them bestsellers.

He currently writes the USA Today bestselling series of 37+ original novels based upon the television series, Murder, She Wrote.  They’re published by Obsidian, a new imprint from Penguin (NAL/​Dutton), and are written “in collaboration” with TV’s most famous mystery writer, Jessica Fletcher of “Murder, She Wrote,” who exists only as a fictitious character.

He has also written crime novels under the pseudonyms Nick Vasile (Sado Cop & A Member of the Family) & Mike Lundy (Raven & Baby Farm).

His autobiography, Murder HE Wrote: A Successful Writer’s Life, published by Purdue University Press, is available everywhere.

For more about Donald Bain, visit his website at www.donaldbain.com.