2006 Guest of Honor Carol Higgins Clark

Bestselling Author & 2006 Guest of Honor Carol Higgins Clark
Carol Higgins Clark

Born in New York City, Carol Higgins Clark received her B.A. from Mount Holyoke College.  During her college career, she began re-typing her mother’s transcripts.  She also made contribution such as renaming locations and characters.  Out of her four other siblings, Carol was the only one to go into writing.  One thing that made a great impact on this decision was helping her mother.

While Mary Higgins Clark attempted juggling a full time job and also trying to finish her second book, the younger Higgins grasped this opportunity to familiarize herself with the process of writing a book and telling tales, not knowing this would be her start in becoming a well-known author.  Just as her mother does, Carol Higgins Clark also writes suspense books.  One main difference in the writings of the two Higgins Clarks is that Carol’s books contain a slight sense of humor that he mother’s, Mary Higgins Clark do not posses.

All of Carol’s novels feature Regan Reilly (the famous recurring character), plot points about male escorts, and pantyhose conventions that come from real sources.  In her video for NJN Public Television, Carol explains how she uses her first job experience to help her with ideas about her book.  She has penned fifteen books including GyppedIced, Burned, and Wrecked.  Carol has also co-authored five books with her mother Mary including Deck the Halls and Santa Cruise.