Past Volunteers

Without volunteers, Killer Nashville wouldn’t be what it is today, a rich, thriving writers community. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank our devoted volunteers, and welcome newcomers to share in the fun at Killer Nashville. But for now, our hats off to past volunteers and many thanks.

Sawnie Aldredge
Jenna Bennett
Elva Bertram
Baron Birtcher
Jennifer Blair
Joseph Borden
Tracy Bunch
Mike Bunch
David Burnsworth
Chester Campbell
Tim Caviness
Caren Chappell
Barbara Chartier
Will Chessor
Philip Cioffari
Elizabeth Copps
Kathleen Cosgrove
Donna Coulson
Casey Del Casino
Amy Denton
Sandy DeWald
Mary Anne Edwards
Kay Elam
Emily Eytchison
Nina Fortmeyer
Pam Foster
Bente Gallagher
Janee Gullett
Heather Haven
Karen Helman
D.B. Henson
Mike Hicks
Megan Hines
Michelle Honick
Bill Hopkins
Sharon Hopkins
Jean Jamborsky
Eric Jamborsky
Jon Jefferson
Barbara Jernigan
Michelle Johnson
Addie King
Chris Knopf
Sharon Marchisello
Reynard Martin
Matt Martz
Logan Masterson
Josh Mauthe
R.A. McCormick
Susan McDonald
Catriona McPherson
Kolin Mofield
Tina Murray
Nikki Nelson-Hicks
P.J. Parrish
Cathy Pickens
Barry Pendley
Jessie Powell
Bryon Quertermous
Kevin Rainwater
Victoria Raschke
Joe Reeves
Bryan Robinson
Mary Beth Ross
Kelly Saderholm
Nancy Sartor
Mary Saums
Julie Schoerke
Robert Selby
Sally Silvera
Danielle Simmons
Neil Spencer
Clay Stafford
Ellis Stafford
Jacqueline Stafford
Elizabeth Staudt
Sheila Stephens
Rachel Stiles
Dietrich Stogner
Nancy Straley
Alix Stricklin
Casey Summar
ej Taylor
Beth Terrell-Hicks
Maggie Toussaint
Donna Townsend
Angela Trumbo
Kay Tyler
Dorothy Weaver
Christina Wilburn
Ed Wilson
Teresa Wilson
Steven Womack
Tom Wood
Lisa Wysocky